Expert Detailing Services

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[ Clay Bar, Wax ] $125.00

Base Service for all exterior detailing.

Vehicles which feel rough or bumpy to the touch after washing; the clay bar is first used to clean the paint surface and remove the bonded contaminants. Following the clay bar, I apply a high-quality caranuba wax.

[ + Polish ] $110.00

The most popular service to make ready a vehicle when selling, removing over-spray or - correcting the work of a less experienced detailer -

Clay bar to achieve a clean surface. Next, we use 3M products and machine buffing to leave a swirl-less glossy finish. Lastly, a wax or sealant.

[ + First Class Finish ] $350.00+

A First Class Finish is the use of all tools to address all correctable paint imperfections and add the greatest degree of luster, clarity, and depth to your vehicles look. 

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