How do I choose which service is best for my vehicle?

-If you answer yes to the following your vehicle may only need waxed.


  • My vehicle has been professionally clay bared & waxed in the past 6 months.

  • After your vehicle is washed; the paint feels soft to the touch, like glass.


If you answer yes, we recommend a clay bar and wax:

  • My paint feels rough or bumpy to the touch.

  • I do not see any swirl marks, or deep scratches in the paint after the vehicle is washed.


If you answer yes to the following, your vehicle needs more than waxed:

  • Paint feels bumpy from over spray or tar; obvious water marks or water spots

  • You see/feel deep surface scratches. 


If answer yes to the following your vehicle needs more than waxt:

  • I have deep scratches however the paint is not missing.

  • Car is regularly put into automatic car washes

  • The ones that happen when you side swipe or brush into or against a plastic trash cans or tree / branches and other hard plastic or rubber things.

  • Does your vehicles paint / finish has a lot of surface scratches, bird droppings even after it was machined polished


How do I know if a scratch can be detailed and polished out?

-If a credit card or fingernail catches in the scratch then it’s more than likely too deep for detailing and requires sanding.

How do I remove the water spots, fine line, or hairline scratches on my paint?

-First Class Finish expert detailing services. Wet sanding and a machine set at the right speeds, using the best 3M products & Wizard's products on the market remove scratches and renew depth, luster, and clarity to the paint.

I had my vehicle detailed before and now there are swirl marks? Can you fix?

A combination of inexperience, impatience, and improper applications during the buffing process is what caused the swirls. Some people call them detailer signatures, halos, swirls, holograms. I simply call it done incorrectly. The First Class Finish signature is unsightly detailer impressions and leaving paint feeling soft and looking flawless. 

What kinds of paint defects can be corrected with wet sanding?

-As long as the paint is intact and not chipping, peeling or cracking wet-sanding will dramatically even out the finish and reduce their visibility.

What is fading or oxidation?

-Loss of shine caused by sun exposure and or not protecting the paint regularly. If there is no cracking or peeling in the paint; the dull or oxidized paint and can be restored with one of the many advanced polishing techniques.

What is over-spray or fallout?

-Anything that falls out of the sky and settles on the paint/finish and attaches or adheres well enough to not come off with regular washing or hand waxing. This can be fixed depending on what the containment. 


What are the types of over spray and/or fallout contaminants?

-construction- paints, concrete, stucco, resins and other building materials. Environmental- tree/plant sap, insect & bird droppings. Industrial fallout over spray caused by pollutants in the air from factories, trains, exhaust from vehicles & airplanes which eventually falls on the surface of everything. Water spots and stains caused from hard calcium and lime from leaking pipes usually happens in underground garages, sprinklers, water drips after car washing with hard water and sometime rain water with high acidity.


How do I maintain my wax/sealant after my detail?

The most important thing is to not use any degreasing soap (Dial, Dawn, Dish soap) which will strip the waxes and polishes off the paint. If you have time to dust the paint using clean soft 80/20 microfiber towels is an expert method. 

Can I schedule a same day appointment?

-Services are by appointment only, however, you can always be put on our stand by list for when we have last minute cancellations or if I am in your area earlier than expected.

Do you give free estimates?


 Where is your shop located?

-Shop services are located South of Lake Monroe.

11 Timberland Pass, Bedford Indiana, 47421



What cities do you service?

Indianapolis, Beech Grove, Bentonville, West Newton, Greenwood, Camby, Avon, Brownsburg, Carmel, Plainfield, New Palestine, Zionsville, Fishers, Whiteland, Mc Cordsville, Mooresville, Pittsboro, Bargersville, Fairland, Fountaintown, Westfield, Boggstown, Needham, Whitestown, Danville, Finly, Brooklyn, Greenfield, Fortville, Noblesville, Franklin, Maxwell, Clayton, Lizton, Ingalls, Monrovia, Amo, Lebanon, Sheridan, Morristown, Cicero, Trafalgar, Lapel, Martinsville, North Salem, Pendleton, Shelbyville, Stilesville, Jamestown, Gwynneville, Coatesville, Arcadia, Charlottesville, Advance, Wilkinson, Edinburgh, Morgantown, Arlington, Eminence, Kirklin, Markleville, Manilla, Anderson, Paragon, Waldron, Thorntown, Flat Rock, Saint Paul, Gosport, Colfax, Centerton, Martinsville, Brooklyn, Bloomington, Elletsville, Terre Haute, Bloomfield, Judah, Bedford, Springville, French Lick, Nashville.

Do you supply water and/or power?

-Yes, we come fully equipped with water and power.


My detailing address has no parking. Is that a problem?

-No. We can detail the car anywhere since we have water and power on our service vehicle. I simply need a parking space next to the vehicle.

How long does it take? 

-This depends on the service request. An interior only detail generally takes 1-2 hours. A boat detail, R.V detail, and advanced detailing normally take a full day to complete correctly.

Do you clean and scotchgaurd convertible soft tops?


What products do you use?

3M, Mother's, Wizard's, Meguir's

Will my car be ready to drive immediately after detail?



What should I do to prepare my vehicle for detail?

-Please remove anything valuable, any needed receipts, electronics, sunglasses, Bluetooth headsets and charging cords, baby seats, seat covers.


Do you accept credit cards?



Do you do weekly washes?

Yes, 3 car minimum.


How much should I tip?

The standard tip in all service industries is 20%. 

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes. Please visit our Gift Certificates page.