Paint Correction

Wash, Clay, Wax  $125.00 

Base Service for all specialty detailing services.

Vehicles which feel rough or bumpy to the touch after washing; the clay bar is first used to clean the paint surface and remove the bonded contaminants. Following the clay bar, is choice high-quality caranuba wax or polymer sealant.

Polish  $155.00 

The most popular add-on service to the clay bar, wax service. This service provides the greatest return value when selling a vehicle and for the hairline scratches stemming from frequent automatic car washes and day to day scratches and scuffs. 

First Class Finish $350.00

Use of all paint correction tools and techniques to address all paint imperfections. This is recommended for vehicles with a botched buff job, severe scratching/swirls all over the paint. This not only removes all correctable imperfections, it adds the greatest degree of luster, clarity, and depth.

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