Marine Services

Wash & Wax

Entire Vessel $12.00/ft.

Service includes:

Exterior pressure wash of surfaces and motor areas followed by a hand washing.

Trailer wash

Tea stains removed.

Wax application

Full Service Detailing 

Entire Vessel $20.00/ft


Service includes:

Bottom Clean 

Acid Wash


Vinyl Clean & Condition

Carpet Cleaning

Interior Compartments

Interior Wipe Down

This is the most popular package

for boaters aiming to keep their

boats looking pristine inside and out.


This service is generally performed around Memorial Day and after Labor Day before winter storage

 Mold Remediation

 $200.00 open bow/ski/pontoon

This service: removes mold, mold stains, and mold spores.

A mold remediation agent is applied and then followed by a degreasing agent. Rinsed with a HOT WATER pressure steam to remove contaminants, sunscreen, sweat, grime, and lake build up.

After cleaning, a vinyl conditioner is applied to help prevent sun damage. 


Canvas Cleaning

Slip covers 

Boat Covers

Gel Coat Restoration

Prices Varies

This service not only restores the exterior of a boat to like new condition but removing the oxidation and restoring natural brilliance to it greatly improves the overall value. 

In my professional opinion, this service offers the greatest return value to the customer before selling or when purchasing.

This service calls for a premium rate because it is quite technical, the material costs are high, and this system requires a lot of time to complete.

Boat Bottoms 

Pressure Wash- $45.00

Acid Wash- $120.00

Sand Blast/Overcoat- $1200.00

Repair+Prime+ Paint- $1000-$6000

Bottom jobs range from simple washes to complex repairs depending on many factors.

If you have a bottom painted boat and have not had it over coated in years it may be time to pull it, wash it, and check its condition.

Feel free to call and discuss available options for your boat bottom.