Marine Services

Wash & Wax

Service includes:

Exterior wash of surfaces and motor

Wax or sealant that provides 6 months of UV protection

Recommended for uncovered boats every 3-4 months.

Boat Detailing near me

Full Service Detailing 


Service includes:

Bottom Clean 

Acid Wash


Vinyl Clean & Condition

Carpet Cleaning

Interior Compartments

Interior Wipe Down

This is the most popular package

for boaters aiming to keep their

boats looking pristine inside and out.


This is a great option to make ready for sale if the boat doesn't require aggressive buffing or when pulling from storage. 

Boat detailing near me
Boat detailing near me
Boat Detailing near me

 Mold Remediation

This service: removes mold, mold stains, and mold spores.

After remediation, a vinyl conditioner is applied to provide protection and prevent future sun damage and contamination. 


*Canvas Cleaning

*Slip covers 

*Boat Covers

Boat Detailing near me
Boat detailing near me
Boat detailing near me

Gelcoat Improvements

Gelcoat refurbishing removes oxidation and restores the natural, brilliant finish.

This service offers the greatest return value to the boat before selling, when purchasing, or when it's time to refresh your boating experience. 

Boat detailing near me
Boat detailing near me

Boat Bottoms 

If you have a bottom painted boat and have not had it over coated in years it may be time to pull it, wash it, and check its condition.

Feel free to call and discuss available options for your boat bottom.

Boat detailing near me
Boat bottom repair