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Marine Services

Make Ready

Service includes:

Waterline and up overall pressure wash.

General clean of cabin, floors, carpets.

Vinyl conditioning.

Marine UV protectant


This service is suited for boats that have been maintained, covered, and stored out of the water.  

0-21 ft. $300.00          22-28 ft. $400.00

29-35 ft. $500.00        36-44 ft. $600.00     


Make Ready Plus


Service includes:

+Make Ready

+Choose 3 of the following services:

Bottom stains (limescale varies)

Flagship wax

Intensive vinyl cleaning

Pet stains/odors

Top-Down acid wash

Canvas laundering

Decal removal

Trailer wash

Canvas Cover Cleaning

This is the most popular package

for boaters aiming to keep their

boats looking pristine inside and

out. This serves as a great option to maximize resale values if the boat doesn't require aggressive buffing. 

0-24 ft.   $500.00        25-29 ft. $600.00

30+ ft.     $700.00

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Boat detailing near me
Boat Detailing near me

First Class Finish 

A refurbishment process; removing oxidation, free of swirls.

Oxidation is a natural occurrence caused by sun exposure. Oxidation develops like rust or tooth decay. At a certain point it begins to damage the look of the gelcoat. 

A First Class Finish restores life to the gelcoat's condition and value. This is an add-on service.


Closed bow +$150.00

House Boat +$250.00

0-24 ft.   $200.00      25-29 ft. $400.00

30 + ft.    $800.00+

Boat detailing near me
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 Mold Remediation

Removal of mold, mold stains, and mold spores from vinyl, carpet, and wood.

*Canvas Cleaning

*Slip covers 

*Boat Covers
*Interior Vinyl
*Interior Carpet

Add-on service $200

Boat Detailing near me
Boat detailing near me
Boat detailing near me

Bottom Painting

Anti-fouling, Ablative, BottomKote are paints designed to protect the hull of boats docked in water for extended periods of time. Many types of bottom coatings exist. The price per gallon ranges from $50.00/gal to $410.00/gal. The price of coating varies and is based upon longevity. 

Some boats require primer coats before painting. For the boats requiring bottom paint, I encourage the most attention be put in the priming material and process than the finish coating. If you have a bottom painted boat and have not had it over coated in years it may be time to pull it, wash it, and check its condition.

Feel free to call and discuss available paint options for your boat bottom.

Boat detailing near me
Boat bottom repair
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